Write, tweet, post, repeat… what’s the point of content marketing?

We all know we should be doing it. Blogging, tweeting, sending out newsletters, even starring in your own video channel. Content is at the heart of all things marketing.

We all know we should be doing it. Blogging, tweeting, sending out newsletters, even starring in your own video channel. Content is at the heart of all things marketing.

But how often do we think about why we’re doing it?

Sometimes it feels like we get so wrapped up in the process of creating the content – writing, tweeting, posting, repeating – that we lose sight of the point of it all.

And if we lose sight of the point, then there’s a chance we’re losing our audience too.

So, every now and again, it’s worth reminding ourselves why we’re all busy beavering away creating our amazing content – with a hope that it will also inspire us to make sure it’s doing its job properly!

Making people like you:

People like to work with – and more importantly buy from – people. Nobody likes working with faceless corporations, with nothing to say, nothing to stand for and no personality. Your content is a way of bringing your brand to life, giving it a face and making it friendly – using your tone of voice, what you talk about and how you share it with the world. What do you care about? What do you find funny? Who are you friends with? It turns your flat, one-dimensional brand into something people can believe in and buy in to – it makes it real.

Speaking to individuals:

These days, consumers have little patience for generic, broad-brush marketing messages – they want to feel special! With so much choice and information, your customers can go out and find exactly what they need at the click of a button. So, it’s only natural that they’ll choose the brand that answers their questions, understands their needs and speaks their language. It’s human nature. Content gives you the ability to target consumers like never before; creating articles, videos or infographics on the subjects they care about, then making sure they’re seen by exactly the right people. It means more quality connections, and less random paint splattering! 

Showing you know your stuff:

I don’t know about you but I like to buy from brands that know more than a thing or two about the product or service they’re offering. And what’s more, that they’re passionate about it. If you’re any good at what you do then you’ll have plenty of smart people working away in the background – these are the people your customers want to hear from! How can you help them understand what product or service they might need? Or provide some useful insight to make their life, work or business better? Chances are they’ll thank you with their custom, and if you’re lucky even recommend you to their friends.

Selling things:

It may be your number one priority, but it shouldn’t be the number priority of your content. I know, I know – but it shouldn’t. If it is, then your content will be like a sales brochure, and your customers will run a mile. The trick is to get your customers onside with lots of useful, entertaining and beautifully crafted information, then slip in your calls to action and ‘conversion’ type pieces here and there. Otherwise you’ll be rumbled and the trust goes out the window!

There you have it – four simple ‘whys’ to inspire your content marketing.

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