Account manager job
Scripsy is hiring!
Exciting times here at Scripsy HQ. Business is on the up and we're now looking for an amazing freelance B2B account manager to join our small but feisty team of PRs, copywriters and content specialists. Read on for all the deets...
Six super simple PR techniques for start-ups
You know those media logos you see on your competitors’ websites? The ones that make them look all innovative, trustworthy and like they really know their stuff? Well, you too could have those on your website (plus the fantastic coverage itself of course!), with the help of a few simple PR techniques.
What’s tone of voice all about then?
It’s easy to gloss over tone of voice when starting or running a business. Words are just words, right? Well, what if I told you that the tone of your communications, whether on your website, newsletter or social media, is as important as what your logo looks like, your colour palette, or your customer service?